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We proudly represent landlords in Shasta, Tehama and Butte counties

Your Solution for Stress-Free Evictions

This law office represents residential and commercial landlords with respect to unlawful detainer and eviction lawsuits located within Butte, Tehama and Shasta counties.
Unlawful detainers are Summary Proceedings and the smallest mistake can cause you delay. After the correct notice is delivered to your tenant, we will litigate your unlawful detainer action involving your tenant’s failure to pay rent or an eviction related to your tenant’s lease, government violation or foreclosure.   

We can evict your tenant and when applicable obtain a money judgment. If you assign your money judgment to Statewide Collection, Inc. on a contingency basis, they can report the money judgment to the national credit bureaus and commence collection of the judgment after your tenants have vacated. Thank you for taking the time to read this page.  

$250.00 Flat Fee Non-Trial Eviction Plus Costs

Judgment delivered
to the Sheriff for eviction

$325.00 Flat Fee Court Trial Eviction Plus Costs

Judgment delivered
to the Sheriff for Eviction

$150.00 per Hour Responding to Tenant’s Motions

Your tenant can file time-consuming, delaying motions.

Court Costs and Sheriff Fees

Sheriff Eviction Fee $145.00
Superior Court Filing Fee $240.00
Service of Process $75.00/Tenant
Writ of Possession $40.00
Court Fee to Post $20.00

We will not waste your time. Evictions are paper hungry, can take 4-12 weeks and are comprised of government and procedure pitfalls. We will move as fast as legally possible to evict your tenant. Please call us for an appointment.

There is a 5% bank card fee.

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