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This office represents residential and commercial landlords. We charge a $50.00 consultation fee to new eviction clients that will be applied toward fees/costs if you retain us. Thank you for taking the time to read this page.

We can evict your tenant and if applicable obtain a money judgment. If you assign your money judgment for collection to Statewide Collection, Inc. on a contingency basis, we will report the money judgment to the National Credit Bureaus.

Fees and costs noted below are used for approximation. Court and sheriff fees/costs can increase without notice.

$225.00 Flat Fee
Eviction Plus Costs
Judgment delivered
to the Sheriff for eviction

$300.00 Flat Fee
Court Trial
Eviction Plus Costs
Judgment delivered
to the Sheriff for Eviction

$150.00 per Hour
Responding to Tenant's Motions
Your tenant can file delaying motions.

Shasta County

Sheriff Eviction Fee $125.00
Superior Court Filing Fee $240.00
Service of Process $75.00/Tenant
Writ of Possession $40.00
Court Fee to Post $20.00

We will not waste your time. Evictions are paper hungry, can take 3-12 weeks and are full of procedural pitfalls.  We will move as fast as legally possible to evict your tenant.  If you decide to make an appointment, bring with you a copy of the Lease/Rental agreement, copy of the Termination Notice, copy of any agreement modification, invoices, bills, copies of e-mail/correspondence from you or from your tenant, papers you consider important and a credit card.

Payment for costs/fees will be required at the end of the interview. There is a 3% bank card fee.

Please call for a an appointment